Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gray what?!!

So...I was looking at my hair this evening and saw what I thought was a blond hair. After a closer look I knew I couldn't deny the fact that this hair was in fact gray, not blond!! That's when I saw the second one!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Kirk was kind enough to look and point out a third, thanks sweet heart. And then he says "you'll look beautiful with gray in your hair."

Excuse me.....and who said I was going to go gray?! Call me vain, but I'm not ready to go gray yet. After all I'm so least I still feel like I'm twenty something! It's not to the point that I would think of coloring it, you can't even see these 3 little hairs because of where I part my hair.

So that's my little sob story. Oh woe is me, whatever will I do. First glasses and now gray hair. What's next a cane or maybe false teeth!

Go ahead and have a good laugh at my gray hair woes. I know I am not the first nor will I be the last to discover her first gray hair. It is what it is, life! It's really not that bad it's just fun to to share!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A night away...

Kirk has been working on a new hotel at the Springs Resort over in Pagosa Springs for the past several months. They have a nice resort with many natural hot springs that you can soak in and a spa. For Valentine's Day he told me he had planned a special surprise, but we weren't able to make it that weekend.

So on Friday I left the kids with my newly married sister-in-law and her husband so I could meet him for my surprise. I had my suspicions and was excited to learn they were correct. Kirk had set up a couples massage for he and I and it was heavenly! Kirk enjoyed it so much he fell asleep. By the time it was finished we didn't want to climb in the car and make the 45 minute drive home, but we did. We left with a few goodies, including the nice comfy robe I'm wearing in the picture!

It was nice to be pampered and have no worries for the evening. Work has been pretty stressful and kept Kirk gone a lot so it was nice to see him be able to relax as well. As I said a few posts ago, he does drive me crazy sometimes and I may want to clobber him with anything I can find, but he is a sweetheart and getting better with age!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Favorite Song

This is one of my favorite songs. It's called "Angels in Waiting" and it's by the country singer Tammy Cochran. Her brothers died of cystic fibrosis. It reminds me of my little angels Mike and Emily. They are such special kiddos and have taught me a lot about patience and faith and enduring to the end!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Sweetie!

For Valentines Day Kirk had a special surprise delivered.
My surprise actually arrived on Friday 5 minutes before we had to dash off to the basketball game. The UPS man delivered a long box filled with a dozen colorful roses. I rarely get flowers so I was VERY happy!

Even though he can drive me crazy, all husbands do I'm sure, he is my best friend. He has been so sweet to me this weekend and even cooked dinner for the missionaries today so I could attend my stake meeting and have some down time. He spoils me more than I deserve at times and I am very lucky to be married to him. Thanks sweetie for all you do for me!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Go Wolverines!!

Life in a small town can be so fun! Like Friday night basketball games and cheering for the home team. Of course for Kirk it's like cheering for the enemy. (The local high school was one of his rivals growing up so he's adjusting to seeing his little girl wearing purple and cheering them on.)

Last year was her first time at cheer camp and it was funny to watch her. She did much better this year and actually got in place at the end to be the base. She cried when I picked her up the other day because she was the base again. "I want to be a flyer mommy," she said. Later that evening I was telling one of my Mia Maids(the mascot) about it. She then proceeded to tell me Olivia just told her how excited she was to be a base. Go figure. Such the drama queen and only 7!!

It was fun to watch her and she was so excited to see her Daddy there watching. (He's been working long hours and isn't home much.) Here's a video of part of the cheer and a picture. Enjoy!

Going Green

Ifinally painted my kitchen! It is now sage green and I love it. My kitchen in Maryland was this color and we moved right after we painted. (Darn!) It's the same color as my entry nook where the coat rack is and my couch so it works really well. Now the kitchen feels more warm and cozy and my cherry cabinets pop more!

Here are some before and after pictures. I was shocked to see pink when I opened the paint can, I never would have guessed it was in this color!

Now it's on to my great room. It's half painted right now and I've been avoiding it because I have to paint around some beams and a big truss! Hope all is well!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Regional Training

Wow! I had the opportunity to attend a regional training meeting in Farmington, NM for the primary, young women, and relief society presidencies. It was amazing and got me excited about my new calling as 1st counselor. We were blessed to have a member of each of the general presidencies come from Salt Lake and give us guidance in our programs.

Sister Cook introduced our new value, Virtue. I'm so glad they've added it and feel it will add more to an all ready great program. My favorite thing about this value is the color, gold. Gold has to be refined to be pure; what a great analogy for the girls.

They really focused on ministering to the girls and how we as leaders each minister in our own way. Whether it be encircling them with love, strengthening their faith, preparing for future roles or gathering them together. It really made me think of each of the girls and how I as a leader can help them and reminded me how much I need to seek Heavenly Father's influence. I still feel very small and wonder what I can do, but as Sister Cook said, the Lord will magnify us. What a great blessing to have such loving and inspired leaders. Especially our living prophet, President Monson!

I love this gospel and I love my Savior and I only hope I can be a light to those I've been called to serve!