Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's been a while

Wow has it been a while! Things have been busy for our family. I've started to create a new post describing our year and never seem to finish! So today I will finally get to it!

Last year was filled with some great memories including Mike's wish trip to Disney World! It was an amazing experience to be a part of. Make-a-Wish and Give Kids the World are amazing organizations that really make Wish kids feel special.

Other than that we had a busy summer filled with lots of fun. I had the chance to get away twice this summer and look forward to more time with the girls this summer! We ended the year with a trip to Nevada to visit Kirk's sister and her family. We enjoyed the warm weather, being with family and witnesses the baptism of our niece.

Our kiddos continue to grow in so many ways. Mike was away at camp when he broke his leg this summer. We were surprised when he decided to stay until the end; what a brave boy. He turned 10 and is starting to really change. He'll deny it, but he's starting to like girls. He loves to tell jokes, read Calvin and Hobbes, make lego creations, and play Wii. He has had his struggles this year, but is doing better. He is faced with so much and it's hard to watch him struggle, but I know his sense of humor will see him through. He was just made the MDA Goodwill Ambassador for the Western Slope of Colorado so we should have a great year meeting with local organizations to help with fundraising.

Olivia keeps growing, growing and GROWING. She can out eat her Dad and seems to be our bottomless pit. She will soon be up to my shoulders if she doesn't slow down! She enjoyed another year of playing soccer in our local Parks and Rec. program. She turned 8 in August and was baptized by her Daddy. She glowed all day and we were very proud of her decision. She loves to draw, dance, sing, make boiled cookies and is a very big helper. She is a very compassionate little girl.

Emily is growing as well. She is changing so quickly and her little personality is really developing. She LOVED all the rides at Disney World and Lagoon; she and Daddy are roller coaster buddies! She is always so happy and gets the giggles on a regular basis. Since Kirk has taken her to most of her tests up in Denver over the past few months she is a Daddy's girl. She loves, loves, loves her Daddy!!

As many of you know we have been waiting to find out if we will face brain surgery and at this point we are not. The doctors up at Denver Children's decided she was not a candidate. We are currently looking into getting a second opinion to make sure we do what's best for her.

Kirk has been home since August and although being unemployed isn't very fun, it has been nice to have him around. He's been a big help in the kitchen and taking Emily up to Denver this fall for tests. It's also made my calling as Young Women's President a lot easier. He is thinking about opening his own furniture and cabinet making business. We have been job hunting since August, but there are so many people applying for each job it makes it tough to get an interview. We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for our family.

As for me I am busy being "the Mom" and although I feel like I passed insane a while a go I love it. I still wonder some days what happened to my sweet little man or my chubby girls, time just seems to have flown by. It's so fun to watch their little personalities and see their growth over the year.

When I'm not busy chasing the kids or cleaning the house I'm still busy! Between home projects, trying to get in shape, playing the guitar, crocheting, reading a book(Ha Ha), being the Young Women President and everything it's no wonder. I am happy with my simple little life in a small town and wouldn't trade it for anything! Of course if spring could be here tomorrow I would be happy! :)

We hope you are all having a great New Year so far. We look forward to the many new adventures we will have this year and hope to see many of you along the way. Enjoy!

Love The Coppingers!!