Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Cookin' Man!

So many of you know that Kirk is unemployed currently due to the slow economy. He is busy looking for jobs and working on home projects. Last week he made a plant stand for our tomatoes and herbs out of scrap wood in a day! It looks great and I'm excited to get my desk back!

One of the greatest things about him being home is all the yummy food we've been eating. Since he's been home we've had a HOT breakfast every morning. Pancakes, oatmeal, cream of wheat and my personal favorite, hash browns. My breakfast for the school year has always been cereal, it's quick and takes little effort on my part. Unfortunately it's a lot more expensive than flour, eggs, sugar etc... He also makes dinner all most every night and he keeps looking for new yummy recipes that save us money. Tomorrow we are having peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast for breakfast!

I keep telling him we are getting spoiled and when he does go back to work I won't ever want to cook again. We'll be waiting at the door for him to come home and make us dinner! Maybe I should go find a job?!!

It really has been nice to have him home for a little while and to be able to spend so much time together as a family. It's made my calling as YW Pres. a little less stressful because I know he's always here when I need him. Which is good because we have 3 firesides this month, two of which are in the evenings an hour away.

We are looking forward to having a job again, but I think there will be a short period of weeping and wailing! I don't think I could ever compete with my hubby the cook!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Emily on the tramp.

Okay so I'm doing 3 posts in one evening! I haven't had time to do this for WEEKS! So it will probably be even longer before I do it again. I just had to add this little video of cute little Emily on the trampoline at Grandma's house. She LOVES to escape out the front door, scoot across the deck and get on the tramp. It is the cutest thing. This little girl is in heaven!

Double Digits

I'm not so sure I like the kids having birthdays just two weeks apart; it reminds me how big they are getting!

Mike hit the double digits this week; I can't believe he's ten years old! My little baby boy just can't be that old, can he? He was very excited to get some Lego's and chocolate pie from Daddy. YUMMY!!!! He's gotten some special mommy time this week which has really been good for him. They are doing swim lessons for P.E. for the next two weeks and I've been going along to help him in the water. It's been really great for us to spend some time together, I've enjoyed it! So there you have it. They just keep growing and growing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Turning 8!!!!

My little twin girls are now 8 years old and I am wondering where the time went! It seems like only a short time ago we were anticipating their arrival and faced so many challenges for our little Emily. It was a tough time for our little family, but we were strengthened by the love and support of family and friends and a very loving ward in Maryland. I still feel like I have a huge debt to repay for the service given to our family during that time.

Now the girls are both doing great and bring so much to our family. Emily is sweet, energetic and tenacious. She has her own opinions and is always willing to let you know what they are! Olivia is just as energetic and sweet! She loves soccer, dancing, singing and lots of cuddles. She is loving and kind which I think she learned from her sister. I still look at her and wonder where that chubby little toddler went!

They're birthday was pretty quiet, the big celebration was on the following Saturday. We spent the day at Grandma Coppingers eating, opening presents, eating cake, setting off fireworks and just having fun. My Mom and Dad flew in on Friday and two of Kirk's sisters where there with their families as well. It was a fun day!

On Sunday we all shared in Olivia's special day; she was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by her Daddy. She woke up beaming that morning, she was so happy. I was full of mixed emotions. I was so proud that she had made the decision to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized a member of His church, yet at the same time I was a little sad to realize how quickly she is growing up. As I watched her walk down into the font the spirit hit me and I lost it for a minute; luckily no one could see me because I was at the top of the stairs of the font to help her out. :)
It was a very special day and I'm grateful for everyone that could be there to share it with us. I feel very lucky to be the Mom of such great kiddos. Our little Emily was so sweet and quiet during the baptism; She is such a special little spirit. (which is why she doesn't need to be baptized. :) ) It was a day I will always remember and I hope Olivia will too. What a blessing it is to know we have a loving Heavenly Father who has given us a plan here on this earth and a way for our families to be sealed together forever.