Sunday, March 29, 2009


Dee Dee is always getting into mischief and she got herself trapped the other day. I heard a lot of crashing around in the laundry room and there I discovered Dee Dee inside the doggie bed we have and she was stuck. As crazy as she can drive me some days, she always makes me giggle. She is so like a little child right now, it's cute which is why we still have her.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Pictures

Two posts in one day, I must be bored!

Here are some random pictures of my kiddos. They love to show off for the camera. One of them is Mike in a ski mask. I guess he was the thief and Olivia was the princess. Kids are sure fun to have around!

St. Patrick's Day!

I have the great privilege of being married to a true Irish Man; red hair, temper and all! Along with this comes the yearly tradition of corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day, which also happens to be Kirk's half birthday. I had fun this year making clover shaped rolls for the occasion and the kids made place mats.

There happened to be a Relief Society Dinner that evening, but my little Irish Man looked so sad I couldn't abandon him and leave him to celebrate alone. He is a sweetie and I really don't mind making a special dinner every year, it makes life fun and interesting. I'm just glad corned beef and cabbage is all we do to celebrate. ( He was tempted to buy a green wig, but that didn't last long!) We still have to watch our movie to celebrate, "The Quiet Man", but we still had a fun evening.

Here are some pictures of our dinner, notice we are all dressed in green. Mike was actually upset he didn't have green pants. He said he had to be green head to toe or he would be pinched. Olivia was just excited to go to school to see if her Leprechaun trap had worked. Alas...their room was a mess and no one caught one!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back to the 80's!

On Friday the youth in our stake had a 70's and 80's themed dance in the downtown mall. Only a few of the leaders dressed up and got out there and boogied; I was one of them. I think I did pretty good with my 80's attire. I had some help from my friend Tiffany; She picked out the shoes. All I can say about those are ouch! I did NOT attempt to dance with them on; would have meant a trip to the ER I'm sure.

The youth had some pretty great outfits and it was fun to watch them dance and join in. I hit my limit after the cotton eyed joe! Who knew hanging out with teenagers could be so exhausting!!

We ( the leaders ) got a few funny looks as we sang Ghost Busters and tried our old dance moves, but it was fun. We kept trying to remember who sang all the songs they played.
Next time I hope to get Kirk to go with me, I told him I needed a chaperon and someone to dance with during the slow songs. We'll see how successful I am at convincing him to come!

I really do enjoy being with the youth even if they do wear me out!!!