Monday, November 8, 2010

Picture Time

Last Friday I realized the warm afternoons would soon be gone and decided to go take some pictures of Mike and Olivia. I still need to do family pictures, but hey at least I've got some new pictures of the kids. Well, not of Emily, but it would be better if I just went out with her alone. She is not easy to get good pictures of.

They both love to pose for the camera and wanted me to just keeping snapping pictures. It still makes a Mom a little sad to see how big her kids have gotten. I just don't know where the time has gone. They both are changing so much and making me feel old!!

It seems the only pictures I've gotten of Emily lately are when she's sleeping in the sun. Oh and climbing in the oven. I guess she's a little anxious for Thanksgiving?! I apologize for the organization of this post, but I'm in a hurry to just get these pictures up for everyone.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Baby Girl

Olivia and Emily are twins, but I always think of Emily as my baby. She is younger by 2 minutes, so technically she is the baby. She is the sweetest little spirit and I just love to watch her. Sometimes I wonder what she's thinking about or what she sees.

There's a quote from one of the apostles and I can't remember what it says exactly. I just remember it talks about how these special children are special little spirits and are some of the mose valiant. I know she is a special little girl, she has touched so many people over the years. It's hard not to love our sweet little Em-silly.

These are just a few pictures of her. I love the one of her on my lap up at Lake Vallecito while we were camping. She was so happy to be outside, although she thought the lake water was a little too cold. Her new thing is laying in the sun ALL day. She hardly moves from her spot and will eventually fall asleep. It's so cute!!

Anyway I just had to share some of these pictures of our sweet girl. Enjoy!! ( I was going to add some more, but I can't get the add image icon working)

The Past 3 months

It's really hard to believe that it's been nearly 3 months since I've posted anything. Once the girls birthday is here things just seem to fly by until after Christmas. They turned 9 this year and I'm still in shock that my little babies are that old. Two weeks later Mike turned 11 and now we're talking about when he gets the priesthood next year. I watch the deacons pass the sacrament on Sunday and shudder to think my baby boy will be old enough to do that in less than a year. How did he get that old???!!!

Aside from the month of birthdays, 8 in all, we've been busy with the usual. School started and with it a few more activities to add to our all ready busy lives. Olivia played soccer again this fall and had a blast as usual, although we're still working on focus on and off the field. She gets distracted so easily. Mike has started a drums class after school on Thursdays. DRUMS stand for discipline, respect, unity, music and I can never remember the S! The music teacher at school is just amazing so we thought this would be a great thing for Mike to do and he's enjoyed it so far. Emily is home as many of you all ready know and we are currently battling the school districts to have her in Bayfield. It's not going well which is really frustrating. It's upsetting that well educated parents like ourselves trying to do what's best for their child have no voice and are completely ignored. I'll stop there before I go on an angry tangent!
Our most exciting news is our new van! We just bought it two weeks ago and are trying to get everything together so we can convert it for two wheelchairs. It will be so great to just wheel everybody in, hook them in to the tie down system and be on our way. The picture doesn't do it justice, it is HUGE. It's great for youth temple trips as we found out this Saturday!
The other pictures are the kids birthdays. Mike is such a ham, I love it! He's also being silly with the chopsticks in the other picture. We stopped at this great Thai restaurant in Poncha Springs, halfway between here and Denver. The kids loved it! Yummy food!
Now we're enjoying the last few days of warm weather before winter is upon us. The mountains are blanketed in snow and I shiver every time I look up at them. It is pretty, but I'm not looking forward to shoveling, especially since the new van is too big for our garage door. It should be interesting!