Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Broken bones

Sorry for the sudden stop in our make-a-wish story. Last week we dropped Mike off at MDA camp in Empire, Colorado. The next day he broke his leg when his friend ran into him with Mike's scooter. We've learned why Mom always told us not to let someone else play with your scooter.

Anyway....They called me at home to get the okay to go to the ER in Frisco. I was sure it was just a sprain and was shocked when they called to say it was broken! My next shock came when Mike decided to stay at camp until Friday. My little boy is now a tough boy! Since he was pretty pain free and they couldn't do much besides splint it until the swelling went down they said he could stay.

So, we are now home after a very long day in the car(12hours). Grandma and Granddad were kind enough to take the girls so they wouldn't be trapped in the car like Mom and Dad. Which was nice for Mike because he could put his leg up and rest. We go into the orthopedic doctor today and are hoping for an alternative to a cast so Mike can stay walking.

With all the excitement of our first broken bone and having him so far away I kind of forgot about everything else. Stay tuned for an update and the remaining few days of our fabulous Make-a-Wish trip!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wish Trip Day Two

Day two started with breakfast at Give Kids the World in the Gingerbread house. The volunteers there were wonderful and took good care of us. We woke up to a drizzle so we donned our rain ponchos for the day and headed off to Sea World to meet my Mom and Dad. (They flew down from Vermont to be with us for the week.)

Our first stop was to feed the stingrays. Their pool is right outside so there were birds perched on all the rocks; most of them were cranes. What beautiful birds you may say to yourself, you may change your mind. When he handed me the fish he warned me about the "aggressive birds." As I walked away I noticed we were all ready being watched and followed! Mike was a little worried about putting his hand out there with a fish so I went first. I thought I'd just shoo the bird away if it came toward me. Well, those birds were fast and yes aggressive. One swooped right in and snatched the fish right out of my hand and nipped my thumb in the process. OUCH!

After that Mike really wasn't interested in feeding the sting rays. I just dropped the fish in really quick and the birds still got it. When you could avoid the birds the sting rays would come right up out of the water, it was cool.
Then it was off to explore the rest of the park! We saw dolphins, penguins, a polar bear, flamingos, beluga whales and of course Shamu. Shamu was the highlight of Mike's day. He smiled the whole time we watched the show. He especially liked it when he splashed everyone up front. (We were in the last row of the splash zone, that's where handicap seating is go figure!)It was so good to see him so happy and to see the wonder in his eyes. How fun for him!

Olivia got on her first ride and her last! Kirk took her on Atlantis. It has two big drops that I even had a hard time with. (Remember I'm the wimp!) She was in tears after that one and didn't trust Daddy. When he asked her how many scoops of ice cream it would cost him for her to forgive him she replied "3". She let him off easy!
After a wet day we went home early and had some fun at Give Kids the World. We took the kids to the Magic Castle where they have the La Ti Da Spa. Olivia got her nails done and her face painted like a puppy. As you can see the gal that did it for her was in costume, she was so funny. Daddy and Mike like the massage chairs. Each time we stopped by the spa Mike was right there relaxing. Mike also got a air brushed ta too on each arm, dragons. It was a fun place.
Then we went on the carousel before heading off to bed and resting up for our 1st day at Disney World. Stay tuned. (Hopefully my layout isn't to bad, I've been messing around with pictures for 45 minutes!)

All in all it was a good day and we really enjoyed seeing my Mom and Dad. Here are a few pictures!