Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21st Happy Anniversary!

13 years ago today my sweet husband and I were married in the Toronto Ontario Temple. We always look back and laugh at those few days leading up to this day and the adventure we had getting to the temple.

Since we were getting married outside of the country we had to get our marriage license three days before the wedding. So we flew from Provo, Utah to Detroit, Michigan. Our flight got in at midnight and we cautiously had to find our way to our friend's parents house. Needless to say we were a little intimidated to drive around Detroit at that hour. As Dave said "muggings and beatings start after midnight" thanks Dave!

So anyway...the next morning we drove our rental car across the border, got our marriage license, drove back to the airport and boarded a flight to Vermont. Hard part over, or so we thought. That evening we got stranded in the Newark New Jersey Airport because of a tornado warning. So we spent the night in the airport with hundreds of other stranded travelers. I was so worried about someone taking my wedding dress while I tried to get some sleep that I tied it to me with my belt and hugged it tight. I'm sure I looked pretty interesting.

After a night in an airport and another missed flight in the morning due to fog we finally boarded a flight to Vermont. We spent the night there before we drove the 9 hours to Toronto with my mom and dad. We couldn't afford a rental car so we borrowed my mom and dad's car for the drive and our honeymoon. (Just like they borrowed my mom's parents car when they got married. )

Story over? Not quite yet! The drive up was pretty uneventful as was that evening. I was up bright and early the next morning ready to go get married! Kirk was still sleeping an hour before we were supposed to be there! (We later discovered he was actually coming down with a sinus infection.) When we arrived at the temple they didn't know who we were, they misplaced our paperwork. After 10 stressful minutes of waiting they finally found the paperwork. So off we went. Once we walked into the temple the stress melted away and I felt the peace I always do there. The temple workers treated me like a princess as they do with all new brides. It was a very special and sacred experience and one I will always treasure.

Getting there was an adventure and that's just how life has been. We've been through lots of stuff together. Getting through school and having a baby, being so poor we couldn't afford more than window shopping for a date, Moves across the country for new jobs. The year of the
'3 T's" (twins, terrorists and a tornado in a month.) Life has been hard at times, but it's also been very rewarding. I don't think either of us would trade the experiences we've had together and as a family. So here's to another 13 years of adventures, gray hairs and more wrinkles than I want to think about!