Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Work, work, work!

We finally put in a full day of work on the house! Kirk worked on putting trim around ALL the windows and I put a gravel border around the driveway. We also put up more blinds. Now we're just waiting for Bali to get in gear and send us the ones for the great room. Then the windows will be done and we won't be living in fish bowl anymore.
Here are some pictures of our busy day around the house. Enjoy!

My beautiful gravel work. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our BIG Project!

Here are some pictures of the all most finished project. We worked on base boards today and put casement around one window. We also put some of our blinds up. It's actually starting to look like a "real" house. Imagine that! We have blinds in all the bedrooms now instead of our fashionable blankets. The kids were very excited about that. I'll post some pictures of what led up to this point in a little while. I have to track them all down.

The Kitchen and timber in the great room

Our Bedroom and Bathroom

Grammie and Grandpa's trip

Grammie and Grandpa come to visit!

In May my mom and dad came from Vermont for their annual visit. We enjoyed spending time with them and taking them on a great ride up to Ouray. It's a beautiful drive that takes you over 3 breath taking mountain passes. We also had fun at our annual trip to the Bar-D Chuckwagon. Here are some pictures of our fun time!

Susan :)

Bar-D Coal Bank Pass 10640 feet

Molas Pass The train headed back to Durango

Happy Fourth of July!

We started the day with cinnamon rolls and giggles of excitement! The kids were so excited about the Bayfield parade that they got up and got dressed before Mom and Dad. We found a great shadey spot and there we are. Mikey and Olivia loved waving their flags as you can see in their picture. I think their favorite part was all the candy they handed out. The parade was full of horses, old trucks and of course local politicians.

After the parade there were some local bands, food and water games. The kids had a blast dumping buckets of water and playing with the hose. Even Emily thought it was fun to get wet!
If you can't tell they are totally dripping wet by now!

We spent the rest of the day eating yummy food with Kirk's sister Cassie and her fiance Jason, setting off some fireworks and throwing water balloons at the kids! To end the day we went to the fireworks here in town. It was a fun and relaxing day that was a big improvement from framing walls like we did last year.

Enjoy the pics. I'm still learning so I'll get the layouts right down the road!