Sunday, September 25, 2011

Double Digits

In August we celebrated the girls 10th birthday, still can't believe it! It seems like only yesterday they were my teeny little twin girls. Many of you remember the struggles we had as we awaited their birth and those we faced after as well. I will always be grateful for everyone that prayed for us and served us during that very difficult time and feel like I have a huge debt of service to repay.
When I was six months pregnant we were told that one of our little girls wouldn't make it. From the day we knew about the challenges she would face I knew she was our little Emily. We were pretty much sent home to spend what little time she had left with her. Little did they know that she was a tough cookie and had a mission to fulfill here on this earth.

Here we are 10 years later and she is starting to walk and can understand what you tell her. She is truly a miracle and has taught me so much. I feel very lucky to be the mother of such a special spirit. I know that someday she will be able to tell me wonderful things and she will be whole, what an amazing day that will be.

She has had a profound impact on not just her family, but everyone that gets to know her. She is a true joy to be around and such a little stinker. She has a crutch that she uses at school, but at home she refuses to use it. I think she doesn't want Mom and Dad to know all of her tricks! She has rightfully earned the name Em-Silly and LOVES her Daddy.

Olivia is still the Olive of her Daddy's eye and is growing like a weed! She is all ready up to my chin and in 10 more inches she will be as tall as me! She all ready wears a woman's size 7 shoe! She is a busy fourth grader and has taken an interest in choir this year. She is playing soccer and has started to take up running. (Mom and Dad are encouraging this one!) She is fast and pretty soon she'll be leaving me in the dust.

She is a very helpful and compassionate little girl and I truly appreciate all the help she gives me. Don't get me wrong, she's still a 10 year old going on 13 and sometimes I wonder if we'll both survive the teenage years ahead! A lot is asked of her and she takes it all in stride. We just love our Olive!

Happy Birthday to my big big girls.