Monday, October 27, 2008

Making a cake

Some of you asked how I made the cake. I used a bunt pan for the cake and made one cupcake for the stem. I flipped the cupcake upside down and put it in the middle for the stem. I had to use toothpicks to keep it from falling down in the hole. There were a lot of ideas out there, but this seemed to be the easiest. To frost it I just pulled the knife from the center and down so it looked more like a pumpkin. It was a fun project.

There was another idea I found, but didn't have the time or enough cake mix. It used two bunts. You put one upside down and then stacked the other one on top so it would look like a whole pumpkin. Thank goodness for the Internet, it helps me be creative. Have fun!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkins and puppies

This weekend was the fall festival at school. I had volunsteered to make a cake for the cake walk and was planning to do something quick and easy. After spending the day with Olivia's class at the farm I decided to have some fun with it. I found a great idea on-line for a pumpkin cake. It was really easy so I tried it. I was happy with the results. Take a look!
If you've been following our blog you know we added a puppy to the mix a while ago. She is still driving me bananas, but learning some obedience. She is very intelligence and will be a great dog in about a year! We just have to be patient and work hard with her until then. I keep telling Kirk puppies are cute so you'll keep them while they drive you nuts!

I've always liked dogs, but never thought I would be such a sucker for those big brown eyes. I am a big sucker though, they are like my babies and I love their company. They are Kirk's hunting dogs, but also the family dogs and I think we'll keep them!
Hope all is well with everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My little ones!

Life has been so hectic lately, it was nice to have the kids home on Monday in honor of Columbus Day. We ran into town to fit Michael for some new leg braces and then came back home to relax and have some fun.

The kids had picked out a movie from the library so we sat down and watched it together. While Olivia and Mikey were watching a movie together I caught a cute moment. I looked over to see Olivia and Mikey curled up together like they liked each other. Now I have proof that they can actually get along!

While we watched the movie Emily had fun in the sun. She really love these big windows and to sit in the warm sun. This week at school she escaped. She was in her gait trainer, a piece of equipment that she can walk in, and left the classroom and shut the door. The teacher tapped on the glass and told Emily to come back in. Emily turned around and pushed the button to open the door. She is doing great!!

This picture is of Mike in his finished, finally!!!!, scout uniform. He was very proud to do the scout salute when I took his picture. He has really loved the scouting program and it has helped him come out of his shell. There are only 3 boys that come regularly so it is small.

Olivia has been busy with soccer each week and it's been fun to go watch her play. She's finally started to go after the ball and stay with it, but you still have to remind her to pay attention. Last week she was fascinated with a dirt clod and would kick it every time she ran by. It's funny to watch them play sometimes because they are still learning how the game works. They don't keep score at this age so it's just a fun time. I'm just glad it will be over soon, it's getting a little cold.

Even with all the stuff that's happening in the world right now, I can still be happy because of my beautiful children and the joy they bring me each day. We live in a beautiful place and have made some great friends. I love small town life and the quiet pace it brings! We hope you are all enjoying fall, even if you live in the desert!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


After family home evening last week things got a little crazy!

Emily has this chair with wheels on the bottom. She loves to scoot all over in it and especially loves it when we spin her really fast. It results in contagious giggles for all. Well now she has figured out how to spin herself! She will come rolling down the hall and just start to spin once she's out in the great room. It's funny to watch, here's a video I took.

Daddy then climbed on Mikey's scooter, which I always tell the kids is not a toy, and started chasing us all around. I thought it would be fun to take a short video of the maihem, but he caught me and I had to run. We were all rolling around laughing by the end of it all. I really do have 4 kids, one is just really big!

Enjoy the fun!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Beautiful Colorado!

One of the things I love about going up to Denver twice a year is the drive. Not the length of it, but the beautiful scenery we get to see. At this time of year the aspens are a gorgeous golden color which is contrasted by the evergreens. The mountains here are breath taking and I have to pinch myself each day. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

On our trip up Kirk and I were discussing Colorado's diverse landscapes. There are huge mountains, deserts, plains, and even lakes. It's amazing to me how many different things you can experience in just one state. We are a bit biased, but we feel like we live in one of the most beautiful states in our country!

Another sign of fall! Apple picking, one of my favorite childhood memories! Pam and Del (my in-laws) have an apple tree and I was really shocked at all the apples we got from one tree. We had tons of fun tossing apples around, juggling and being silly! Even Dee-Dee enjoyed picking apples.
The last picture is of something I am just not ready for. SNOW!! Yes it snowed on Wolf Creek Pass! Winter is on it's way.
Enjoy the pictures.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fire! Fire!

Last week we had a bit of a surprise. I was making dinner when a source gas truck drove by, followed by an ambulance. Then another Source Gas truck came and two other cars. Then a firetruck and some other firefighters.

Now they didn't come with sirens blasting or even driving fast. The fact that the gas company was there made me think they hit a pipe with the digger, so I was wondering if we needed to go down the street. They were right next to my house! Then they started putting on their gear and getting the hoses out. Needless to say I got more concerned and went out to investigate. As I approached they all told me not to worry and laughed a little. IT was just a demonstration.

So we sat back an watched the fireworks. They turned on the gas and lit it with a flare. It was impressive and made quiet a noise. IT sounded like a hot air balloon only louder! Olivia ran down the hall the first time crying, but thought it was cool by the time they were done.(watch her dance in the video.) The neighbors all wondered what the heck was happening and came to check it out. I am still a little surprised they didn't notify the neighborhood, especially the house they were right next too!!!

If I didn't know it was a demo. I probably would have loaded everybody up and left. It was a sight! Here's a video, just imagine a big whooshing sound while the fire is going.

Our Mike

We have had yet another busy weekend up in Denver visiting the MDA clinic at The Children's Hospital. First of all I must say that the new hospital is wonderful and we just love everyone at clinic. They really try to make sure Mike and his family is doing okay with the new challenges we face each day.
While we were there we learned about a new study they are doing that Mike may qualify for. They took some blood, he did not enjoy that part, to identify what is causing his Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy. If they identify the cause as a premature stop codon (PTC) he will qualify for a study on PTC 124. This has some promising results so far and could help Mike and other boys like him in many ways. It does mean more trips to Denver, but we are hopeful this turns into something really positive for him. At this point we are just waiting for the results and then will make a decision based on the information they give us about the study and possible side effects. If you want to learn more you can go to MDA's website and click on research. Then just select the disorder Duchene's Muscualr Dystropy and it will bring up all the studies they are working on.

Aside, from clinic we spent time shopping, playing and just relaxing! Our sweet friends the Giles let us camp out in thier basement while they were away. We missed visiting but hope to have some time this summer when we take Mikey up to camp.

Mike also celebrated his 9th birthday all most a month ago. It's hard to believe how big he has gotten and how much he has changed. He is still my sweet boy in many ways, but establishes his independence on many occasions! He just earned his wolf badge and is very excited to be a Bear scout. He loves science and has a great teacher this year that really brings out the best in him. It's hard to believe we will hit double digits next year!!

The Wildlife Experience

Happy Birthday Buddy!

The Wolf Badge Mother's pin.