Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tough and sad week

One of my dear sweet friends was in a car accident this weekend and her daughter, one of my young women, was killed. Shaniah, I will miss your smile and your fun and vibrant spirit.

How grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge it gives to me that there is life after death. There is a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants that tells us His angels will be with us and bear us up. I believe that sometimes those angels are our friends and family and even those we don't know. He sends them to us to lift us up when life is more than we can bear. I know that the Farmers are surrounded by many angels at this time and will have their love and support to help them through this very difficult time.

Love you all.

The Durango Herald 03/24/2011 | Bayfield 7th-grader killed in Texas crash

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Run, run, run!

About a year ago I decided to try to get into running. I had tried over the years to develop a love for it, but never really liked it. Part of that was living in the city and not really having a place to run and the other part was I just jumped into it and was miserable. (Patience is something I've never really had!)

So this time I started with walking and slowly worked my way up to running and just like my hubby said it worked. Silly me, I always thought I could just go out and run without the work. Anyway, let's just say I've caught the running bug and love it! I ran a few 5k's and made the goal to run a half marathon before I turn 40. (In two years)

A few weeks ago one of my friends told us there was a race we all had to run together. A 70 MILE relay race in Moab, Utah. I laughed and thought not this girlie, my goal may be to do a half marathon, but I still have 2 years. :) So here we are 4 weeks into training trying not to think about the distance. I'm still laughing, but now it's because I think I'm a little crazy some days! :)

There are 6 of us and we will each run 2 legs that are 3-8 miles each. It looks like an incredible run and I'm hoping to be able to run the whole time and not melt in the southern Utah sun. It should be a blast! My sweet hubby has been my coach and giving me workouts and pointers. He's even gotten back into running again and we hope to do a half marathon in June here in Durango. Of course he's a bit more crazy than I am. His dream is to do the Goofy challenge at Disney World. A half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon the next day. YIKES!! We'll see how this relay goes before I decide on any more races!

If you want to check out the course or get more info. you can go to:

By the way, I'm doing the Moab relay not the Zions one. That one is a lot longer and you run overnight!