Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring break fun!

Since Kirk is now a working man as of today, we decided to play for Spring break. We considered a road trip, but decided it would be nice to just visit the wonders in our back yard. So we piled in the car and drove 3 hours to the east to see the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We've driven by so many times on our way to Denver and decided it was finally time we went to see them up close.
From a distance you can see the sand dunes up against the mountains, they look a little out of place really. I didn't realize they were so large until we pulled into the visitor center and started looking around. It really is amazing to think about how this little ecosystem functions.
The best part about our visit was the really cool wheelchairs they had. They have huge beach ball like tires that allow you to push it through the sand. Kirk had Mike and I had Emily, yes I am a wimp and wanted to little kid! So off we went across what looks like a beach and then up the hills, barefoot of course. The sand felt great between my toes and it was fun to watch Olivia jumping and rolling down the dunes and just having a great time. That was until the wind started to pick up, I can see why sand blasting works so well!!
When we put Emily down in the sand she just sat there letting it fall through her fingers over and over, she wasn't sure what to think. The only part she didn't like was the visitor center, she just likes to be on the go!
All in all it was a fun day and we look forward to going back when the spring run off starts to flow. Then there are little rivers all over that you can splash around in, it looks like a fun time!!
These last 8 months with Kirk home have been wonderful. Since we were prepared we were able to not stress too much and just enjoy some time together. At family home evening we talked about how lucky we've been and how we'll always remember this special time with Daddy. He will be missed, but it will be nice to have financial stability again and I'm sure he'll be happy to get back out there again.
So life is going back to normal so to speak and we are just grateful for a job and that we don't have to move! I think we are finally home! :) Enjoy the pictures!!